Clutch Helmet Inspection Notice

April 29th, 2022

FXR has recently become aware of two instances of a defect on the webbing stitching that secures the D-Rings to the chin strap of FXR Clutch Helmets manufactured and sold during the 2022 model year.

We believe that these incidences are isolated, however we are requesting all FXR Dealers immediately pull and inspect their inventory before allowing any further helmets to be sold. FXR is also requesting that customers inspect their helmet before further use, if purchased at anytime after March 1st, 2022.

Read More and Download Full Instruction Here

Storage & Care for Lipo Batteries

May 1st, 2022

FXR LiPo batteries are susceptible to damage from exposure to sun, temperature, humidity etc. Precautions must be taken routinely to protect the battery from impacts, and damages such as swelling of the battery cells during charging or storage.

Preparing for extended storage efficently and effectively means you’ll have a worry-and hassle-free experience when you return to using your FXR LiPo battery products.

The following FXR products have LiPo batteries:

  • 200810- Heated Recon Glove
  • 220806- Transfer E-Tech Gauntlet Glove
  • 220807- Transfer E-Tech Glove
  • 223113- 2022 Maverick Cordless Electric Goggle
  • 233113- 2023 Maverick Cordless Electric Goggle
  • 16604. & 210870- & 223150- All Replacement Battery Packs

For more details and information, Download Full Instruction here

Maverick Cordless Electric Goggle Instruction

2022: Download Here

2023: Download Here