How do I wash my outerwear garment?
Inside each garment is a label with complete care instructions. Please follow the wash instructions given there. If in doubt, wash in lukewarm water with FXR Sport Wash and a gentle spin. We recommend doing up all zippers and fastening any snaps, and /or Velcro.

Should I wash the removable liner separate from the outer jacket?
If your jacket has a removable liner, please remove the liner from the jacket before washing. This will ensure a better clean of all components. After separating the liner, we recommend zipping–up both the liner and the outer jacket and fastening any snaps, and /or Velcro.

What kind of detergent should I use? 
We generally recommend using FXR Sport Wash to optimize performance properties of your outerwear garment. Some detergents cause discoloration, or may have an adverse effect to the durable water repellant (DWR) properties of the fabric. FXR Sport Wash is safe to use on all outerwear.

Is it safe to use bleach or fabric softener when washing my outerwear?
Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Bleach will negatively impact vibrancy of the colours and fabric softener will negatively impact the durable water repellant (DWR) properties of your outerwear.

What is the best way to dry my outerwear?
To dry your outerwear please follow the instructions listed on the care label sewn inside the garment. Drying your garment in a dryer at low temperature will assist in restoring the DWR finish of your outerwear.

How should I wash my down jacket?
Because of the down, these jackets are a little more unique in their wash instructions. Start by brushing off any loose dirt, then turn the jacket inside out. Typical laundry detergents and softeners can damage down feathers, so we recommend using FXR Sport Wash and cool water. A front load machine set on delicate is ideal. Tumble dry on low heat. Adding a tennis ball or something similar will prevent the down from clumping and fluff the fill.

How often should I wash my garments?
Only wash garments when necessary. Excessive washing could decrease the effectiveness of the Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish and may fade the colours. It is recommended your outerwear be washed before storing for the off-season.

What’s the best way to remove stains? 
The earlier a stain is treated the more likely the success of cleaning it. We have had some success using blue Dawn detergent for removing stains by applying a small amount on clean soft cloth and rubbing gently; afterwards wipe with damp cloth.
Applying FXR Permanent Water Guard will help with stain prevention.

Would I be able to dry clean my outerwear?
Fabrics with water resistant, water proof coatings or seam sealing should never be dry cleaned. Doing so will damage the coatings and/or seam sealing.

How long will the DWR (durable water repellant) finish on my outerwear last?
DWR finish typically lasts for about 5 washes. However the amount of exposure to wet conditions and age of the garment may also impact the longevity of the DWR. When you notice the DWR becoming less effective we recommend restoring the garment’s Water repellent properties by applying FXR Permanent Water Guard.

How can FXR’s Permanent Water Guard help my outerwear?
FXR Permanent Water Guard will extend the life of your outerwear by:

  • enhancing the water repellant properties,
  • preventing stains from penetrating the fabric.

In general, it will help your outerwear look new for longer. FXR Permanent Water Guard will in no way negatively impact the feel or performance of your outerwear.

When should I apply FXR Permanent Water Guard?
We recommend applying FXR Permanent Water Guard when you 1st purchase your outerwear. If not applied then, begin applying when you notice a decrease in the performance of your outerwear’s water repellency, usually after extensive use in wet conditions or about 5 washes.

How can FXR’s Silicone Water Guard help my gear?
FXR Silicone Water Guard is recommended for boots, leather gloves and accessories. FXR Silicone Water Guard will add extra water protection and prolong the life of your boots and leather. We recommend applying FXR Silicone Water Guard when you first acquire your gear and to reapply after every few rides.

Can FXR water guard products to be used on gloves?
Applying FXR Water Guard products will enhance the water resistant properties of your gloves. For the gloves with leather FXR Silicone Water Guardis recommended; for gloves of textile materials FXR Permanent Water Guard is recommended.

How should I care for my merino layerwear?
FXR merino layerwear can be machine washed and dried. FXR merino layerwear has antibacterial properties, which help eliminate odors therefore merino layerwear pieces can be worn multiple times before washing.



How should my FXR monosuit fit?

FXR monosuits are designed to optimize the riding experience. They have been sized to allow for maximum flexibility, movement and comfort for the active, aggressive rider. Please consider this if your 1st impression is that your FXR monosuit is too big or too long in the sleeves and torso. We suggest you lean forward and touch your knees; stand up and stretch your arms as high as you can…you should not experience restraining.

How often should I change my helmet?
If your helmet has been involved in an accident we highly recommend it be changed. If it has been dropped a distance greater than 4 feet, if the shell, and/or the impact absorbing liner, and/or the retention system have been damaged, the safety of the helmet may be compromised therefore not offer optimal protection. In these instances we recommend your helmet be changed.
Regardless of damage, we recommend helmets be replaced every 3-5 years depending on the amount of use. UV damage, aging of adhesive and components could lessen the effectiveness of the helmet.

Where should I plug in my cord for my heated shield on my sled?
Please plug your shield into the accessories port on your sled. Please ensure you have a sufficient fuse power to accommodate.

What’s the best way to clean the lens to my shield or goggles?
We recommend using a really soft cloth; many FXR jackets include an appropriate goggle wipe in an upper pocket.

Can I overcharge my batteries for my heated gloves?
Your batteries will not become overcharged. The charger will quit and give the appropriate green light when they are fully charged.

How long does it generally take to charge the batteries for the heated gloves?
Generally it will take between 2-3 hours depending the charge remaining. For optimum battery performance, we recommend running the charge as low as possible before recharging.

If I tear my outerwear jacket/pant can I patch?
You can obtain adhesive fabric patches of many of our outerwear fabrics; these are usually 8”x8” in size. If you need a patch to repair a tear, please email with full details of the product needing repair and aprox size of the tear.

Should I use the zipper pulls on the garments?
Yes, zipper pulls are designed to make your zippers operate easier and more smoothly. They’ll extend the life of your zipper.

Can I get a new zipper pull?
If you need an FXR zipper pull, please supply a photo with the colour you need along with a mailing address to FXR will send you the required zip pull by mail.